23 Nov

Team Photos by Lake Photography

We are excited to announce Lake Photography will be taking our team photos again this year on Tuesday, December 1st.  If you didn't know, Lake Photography takes individual photographs of our players and then digitally places the players into the team photo!  

Due to the increase of players in the rink, we will be limiting parents to 1 per player.   All players must come dressed to the rink with their mask on.  The mask will only be taken off while the player is being photographed.  Team Managers will be on hand to assist with socially distancing players while maintaining the flow in and out.

We ask that players come with their forms already completed on the computer and printed.   This helps reduce spelling errors due to poor handwriting and also speeds up the process for everyone.

Please check your email for your team's designated picture time!

Lake Photography Editable Order Form

13 Oct

Hockey Fundamentals Registration is Open!

Registrations is open for our Hockey Fundamentals skills program.  This program is designed for kids who already know how to skate well enough to make it up and down the ice without holding onto anything. Players will have an opportunity to learn and develop skills in a team setting. 

Register Now

For those brand new to hockey or thinking about trying hockey, stay tuned for more information on our Learn to Play program.

11 Sep

Updated Brooklyn Rink Rules as of September 10, 2020

Coming to visit our Sharks' Home Ice Rink in Brooklyn, Ohio?  

Please review our updated Rink Rules to stay up-to-date with the latest guidance.  This information will provide you with what you need to know before heading out to our rink.

Updated Brooklyn Rink Rules as of September 10, 2020

8 Nov

Shield, Cage, or Mask... Which is Best?

With the recent increase in COVID cases in the county and the state, we have been getting some questions about cages, shields, and masks on the ice. USA Hockey has put together the above helpful information. 

 In summary, it is all a matter of personal choice at this time.   There are many different options currently available. We do have players (from our Fundamentals level and up) that wear masks on the ice and at games and are comfortable doing so. We encourage other players to do the same, if they feel comfortable doing so.

However, as a reminder, it is still required for players to come to practices and games wearing a mask. Masks are required in Locker Rooms and in the facilities (Brooklyn and Garfield) until helmets are put on. As soon as helmets come off, masks MUST go back on. 

Coaches are strongly encouraged to wear masks on the ice (and it is required at Garfield). Masks are also required at ALL TIMES on the bench and in the facilities. 

If we want to remain on the ice, we have to all do our part and follow the rules.

3 Sep

Crossbar App

Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything. Sharks, did you know there is an app to see your player's schedule and send messages to families on your team? Search for the Crossbar App and try it out today!

4 Aug

Have a Question?

Have a question about the new site?  Need to sync your player’s calendar to your phone?  Maybe change a payment or add a parent?  Head over to the Resources Tab for parents for our most common FAQs.

Be sure to check back often for updates and go Sharks!

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